Importance of Banking with Citadel LLC

When it comes to online banking, there is nothing better out there than Citadel LLC. This particular company is one of the best banking and investing companies out there, and it is why so many people put their full trust into the company for their own banking needs. From mutual funds to hedge funds and more, it is easy for just about anyone to see the benefits of using such a bank. If you are considering using a bank for yourself, you may want to consider making good use of Citadel LLC for yourself to see just what it is all about.

One of the first things that you will notice about Citadel LLC is that it has been a company that has been around for many years. It is one of the top investment firms in the country, and many people use it for themselves when they are looking to utilize hedge funds and other investment schemes. The folks at Citadel LLC will help just about anyone to realize their financial potential, and this is why it is also a great company to use if you are new to investments and need some good-quality help for your own needs.

Once you begin to use Citadel LLC, you will also become familiar with Kenneth Griffin, who is a high profile executive and CEO of the bank company. Kenneth Griffin has been with this company for quite some time and continues to do things to improve its workings. This is what makes Kenneth Griffin a wonderful CEO and why he has done lots of great things for the banking company as well. Anyone who knows about Citadel will know about Ken Griffin and all that he has done for the bank in general. This is what sets this bank as well as Kenneth Griffin apart from many other companies that might be out there.

There are many ways for you to utilize Citadel LLC to your own potential, and one way is to check out what they offer in terms of services and banking options. Many people are using Citadel LLC for their sole investment needs, but you can also use the company to do banking and even online banking at your own convenience. You will find that the services rendered by Citadel LLC make it totally different from anything else that you might have found out there in the market.

More and more people who are looking to bank are choosing Citadel LLC for their own needs. You will find that this helps tremendously and encourages you to get the help that you need financially when it is most needed. There are many ways for you to improve your standing when it comes to getting investments done, but it is especially important for you to be doing all of this with a company that truly cares about their customers. You can easily find this type of compassion when you begin to work with Citadel LLC and its group of financial experts.

Dogs Need Love, Care, Exercise, And Beneful

The only way for a dog to grow healthy and strong is if it’s cared for to the best of their owner’s ability. Caring for a dog is like having to care for a young child, and no one’s perfect when it comes to caring for a dog. Some people have to learn as they go along to take care of a dog, and there’ll be problems along the way. A person may not know that their dog can’t eat certain foods unless they feed it to them first and find out that it makes them sick.

It may come as a surprise to a dog owner that sometimes dogs like to scratch up things, and they don’t learn this until the dog has torn through their leather couches. Dogs may even like to bite on things, and a person’s wiring for their television set and other electronics may suffer as a result. Dogs can be a lot of fun, but there are some dogs that can be problematic, but it depends on the owner if the dog will continue doing things that they are not supposed to. If a dog owner is trying to grow a small puppy into a big dog, they have to care for the dog properly.

Not only is it necessary for the owner to learn as much as possible about the dog to make sure that they stay healthy, but it’s also necessary for the dog owner to be patient when they are disciplining an unruly dog too. If the dog continues to go to the bathroom around the house, they are scratching the furniture, or they are biting on things, and then this can be dealt with if the pet owner is patient. Dogs that have problems with certain foods should be taken for a veterinarian visit.

Any discipline problem that a dog has can be taken care of, whether it’s by training, or if the pet owner needs to do some things on their own. Another thing to worry about with a dog is what they are eating, and if the food a pet owner is feeding the dog is something they are getting sick from, then the owner should discontinue feeding the dog that particular food. It’s a good idea to feed any dog Beneful brand foods based on, especially since they have all different kinds of foods.

Beneful has wet food available, dry food, snacks, and they even have some great tasting treats that dogs love. Switching a dog to Benefulfoods may be the only thing needed to help the dog become healthier and stronger, especially if they have allergies from other foods they are eating. If a dog regularly eats Beneful brand foods, then they are also more likely to have more energy to spare, and they can grow to be a healthy dog. Even Beneful brand dog treats can be used as a way to help train any dog that might need some encouragement to do the right thing.

Hawks Changeover Is Completed By Bruce Levenson

The Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise has been one of the most successful in recent years, which meant the decision by owner Bruce Levenson to sell the franchise was greeted with shock around the world. The franchise and the rights to operate Philips Arena were eventually sold to billionaire Tony Ressler for a reported $830 million, which when added to the $170 million raised by the sale of the former Atlanta based NHL franchise means Levenson’s sporting dynasty has been sold for a cool $1 billion. Over the course of little more than a decade the focus of the life of the former Hawks owner has switched to increasing levels of philanthropic work alongside his busy business career.

Bruce Levenson made the announcement in the Fall of 2014 that he was willing to listen to offers for the Hawks franchise he had led from last place in the NBA standings to the position of number one seed at the close of 2014-15 season. This achievement made it seem like the perfect time for a fresh face to appear as the owner and push the team on to the next level of success in the NBA playoffs, which is where billionaire Tony Ressler comes in. Ressler had already made a move to buy the LA Clippers NBA franchise, but had seen his way blocked by Steve Ballmer and a $2 billion bid for the California based franchise.

Although he made a success of owning the Hawks franchise, Levenson has seen his interests change over the last decade to see a greater emphasis placed upon charitable works and philanthropic programs. The former member of the NBA Board of Governors has seen his position in communities across the east coast of the U.S. grow along with his philanthropic works. The Atlanta Hawks have become a major source of community works over recent years and have been active participants in many Make A Wish Foundation events and those organized within the state of Georgia.

Away from the Hawks, Bruce Levenson has also looked to remain a major part of the community within the Maryland and Washington D.C. areas. Major community programs have been a part of the life of he and his wife Karen for a number of years and include a commitment made to helping establish the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. Perhaps the achievement that will stand as the legacy for Bruce Levenson is the establishment of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. The Levenson family donated funds for the establishment of the center and have played a major role in attracting donors to the college, which is designed to impact the local area and the world as a whole with fully trained participants in community based programs.

James Dondero, Example of a Successful Businessman

James Dondero is a name on which is well known in the business sector. As the Co- Founder and President of Highland Capital Management he is in charge of the company’s operational initiatives and investment strategies.

James Dondero was born on February 2, 1970 and has more than 30 years experience in the credit and equity markets. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce with a specialization in Finance and Accounting from the University of Virginia. He also is qualified as a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Managerial Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst. This training provided an excellent background for his advancement in the financial market.

His experience covers a wide range of interests including bonds, bank loans, derivatives, common and preferred stocks and mortgage-backed securities among other things. Between 1985 and 1989 he handled American Express’s financial portfolio regarding fixed income funds in the amount of over $1 billion dollars.

His career began as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty training program in 1984. From there he went to American Express and worked from 1985 to 1989. He then moved to Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as Chief Investment Officer from 1989 to 1993. With this experience he co-founded Highland Capital Management (HCM)Corporation of which he is currently President. In this position, he oversees the investment strategies of both the retail and institutional products of the company.

In John Dondero’s current position he works with both retail and institutional investors regarding credit solutions for problems they may be having. He has been able to develop a number of HCM award winning products such as hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds and many other financial properties .

His record shows him serving as Director of a number of corporations such as Safety-Kleen Inc., American Banknote Corporation, MGM Holdings, TerreStar Corporation, NexBank Capital, Inc. and CCS Medical Corporation. Other positions he currently holds include Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of HCM Acquisition Company and Director, Member of Compensation Committee and Member of Executive Committee of Neighbor Care, Inc.. He is also Managing Director of Andersen Tax, a well-known independent tax firm.

In addition to his many accomplishments in the business world, John Dondero is active in donations toward veteran’s affairs, education and public policies. He is in constant demand as a speaker and is well known for his book on financial reporting valuations. His currently resides in Dallas, Texas.

James Dondero is an excellent example of what is possible to accomplish in the business world today. He concentrated on studies, which would help his business goals, entered a training program and worked hard to reach his ultimate goal. Today, he is a well-known and respected executive who has worked hard to obtain the knowledge and experience needed to become a success in today’s ever demanding world.

The Struggles of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park was born in 1993 in Ryanggang in North Korea. Her father worked in a town hall located in Hyesan while her mother was a nurse for the North Korean Army. Her father began to smuggle metal in the capital Pyongyang, and it is here where he spent most of his life as his wife and the daughter remained in Hyesan. During most of her childhood, her family was wealthy as per standards in North Korea. When her father was imprisoned for engaging in an illegal business, the family struggled a lot economically. Park and her mother even faced starvation. Upon his arrest, Park’s father was subjected to hard labor. Park’s views changed when she watched Titanic movie that was produced in 1997. This was when her eyes became wide open to the oppressive and authoritarian nature of North Korean government. The film taught her the real meaning of love, and it gave her a first test of freedom.

During her stay in North Korea, life was not easy. It was like living in hell. As a family, they used to experience a constant power outage and there were no proper means of transportation. She used to see many of her friends disappear without ever being found again. Although this was surprising, the interesting part is that while at North Korea, she used to regard the ruler who is Kim as a god who was able to read her mind. When Park’s father was eventually reunited with his family, they began planning for an escape to China. They later escaped North Korea traveling through China with the assistance of brokers who smuggled people from North Korea to China. With the help of Chinese and also Christians in Korea, they were able to relocate to Mongolia. South Korean diplomats facilitated the family’s entry into Seoul. After this turbulent journey that ended in 2007, Park decided to become an activist for human rights. In South Korea, the family had some difficulties in trying to adjust to their new environment, but they eventually got a job as shop assistants and also as waitresses. Park was able to pursue her education at the Dongguk University that is located in Seoul.

As of now, she works in various programs and non-profit making organizations that are concerned with rescuing the North Koreans who had fled their country. After the rescue, they are resettled in South Korea and others in the United States. She has also participated in various summits that educate people on the state of affairs in North Korea, and how the people can act to support the refugees who are living in neighboring countries. She believes that by providing information to the North Koreans, they will start questioning their meaning in life. Park regards Kim to be a cruel and heartless leader who takes delight in abusing his people. She believes one day this cold-blooded ruler will be punished for not only oppressing his people but also for toying around with their lives.

Flavio Maluf Calls It Green Chemistry

Flavio Maluf calls it Green Chemistry, the newest buzzword for sustainable production methods. The concept in itself seems like a long reach, yet Maluf has set the bar high for preventive environmental concerns, and consumer health protection, combined with an innovative economic strategy that has proved profitable for his company, Eucatex. The use of non-hazardous substances, nor any toxic waste or by-products, and low energy consumption have been a few of the primary principles of Maluf and his environmentally-friendly company, and guess what? His concept works!

What is Green Chemistry?

Green chemistry strives to implement social responsibility in productive activities. This branch of science attempts to diminish the risk of hazardous substances forming from a particular chemical process. The concept surrounds designing effective products that are less toxic, with the same benefits as using similar materials.

For example, many types of Linoleum, a common floor covering in kitchens, contain a chemical substance called Diethyl Hexyl Phthalate, also referred to as a plasticizer. This chemical helps keeps linoleum flexible. However, over the years, this chemical gets broken down and released into the atmosphere, thus inevitably inhaled by everyone in the household. What’s the risk? The EPA acknowledges malformations, hormonal disruptions, and lung disorders to name a few. In contrast, Eucatex utilizes the raw material from eucalyptus trees, that are free of any toxic loads, and they are committed to specific criteria for socially responsible production of environmentally friendly and healthier products.

Flavio Maluf Takes Good to Better

For more than a decade, Flavio Maluf, President of the Eucatex Group, has been carefully converting a Brazilian-based sustainable building materials company into a global titan. Sustainable furnishings, eco-paint and recyclable flooring are the trending products that led to prominent recognition. In 2014, annual sales increased by 30%. Yet, Eucatex has done much more than become a stellar retailer. They’ve become a beacon for sustainable development.

“Eucatex is actually a strategem, designed for a much greater purpose,” says Maluf. “Our daily lives are comprehensively determined by products and their chemical production. Unfortunately, ignorance of the potential health risks, and environmental dangers from many of these toxic substances place too much of a burden on society,” adds Maluf. Today, nearly six decades after the Maluf family started Eucatex, the eco-friendly giant has given rise to the broad topic of green chemistry.

The term “green chemistry” isn’t new, there’s just an increased awareness of production processes. Of course, there is an inevitable resistance of greening production materials, due to the economic impact, but Eucatex has a growing hunger for change, and perhaps their good intentions, and optimism will foster activism.

How To Make The Most Out Of Beauty Products

Doe Deere started Lime Crime because she wanted to cater to the bohemian and eccentric people in the world who weren’t afraid of trying quirky shades and palettes. Her products became so popular that it is every makeup artist’s dream to have all Lime Crime products in their makeup bag. When it comes to favourite beauty products from high end brands, makeup lovers try their very best to make the product last for as long as possible. In case of brands like Lime Crime founded by Doe Deere on, this is even more important because the brand’s lipsticks and other products are sold out pretty soon.

So, how does a person make products from Lime Crime and other brands last for a longer time? Here are a few tips –

Depot Lipsticks – In their traditional form, twist up lipsticks can get over pretty soon. Thankfully, products like Velvetines are available in liquid form but other Lime Crime lipsticks can be depotted into a small container so that every last bit can be used. A lip brush should be used for applying the depotted lipstick to get best results. Same can be done with concealers that are available in stick form. In this way, when the lipstick is right at the end, nothing would be wasted. Lipsticks and concealers should be depotted when a lot is left, preferably at the beginning.

Store Liquids and Creams in The Fridge – This is a trick that helps to stop makeup from drying out. It is a known fact that because of heat and sunlight, cream and liquid products can dry out and lose their consistency. When it comes to foundations, bad consistency can lead to disastrous results on the face and users would not be able to achieve that flawless look they so desire. Instead of allowing these products to experience the effects of heat, storing them in the fridge would ensure their long life. Not just that, they would also be cooler during application, especially during the hot, summer months.

Use Good Quality Oil For Caked Up Makeup – This is a recent trend that has been made popular by YouTube vloggers. When the makeup looks caked up, a few drops of oils such as argan and coconut (non-comedogenic options for acne prone skin) can be added to the makeup. The trick is to use oil that is of high quality (cold pressed) and mix it with the makeup until everything looks consistent. For instance, foundation mixed with oil can be applied on face for smoother results, even for oily skin. All the user needs to do is wait for the foundation to dry and then take a tissue to dab off the excess oil and product from the face.

Keep Brushes Soft and Shed Free – Makeup brushes and sponges are the most important part of any makeup artist’s arsenal. They should be maintained by regular cleaning using specific makeup brush cleaners for a long life.

With these above tips, that Lime Crime lipstick or mascara by Doe Deere would last for the longest time possible.

Advertisers Targeting Teen Audience

Teen users are becoming important audience for brands in many consumer sectors. Some of them aren’t financially secure but most of them know ways to get their hands into consumer world in Brazil. In other words, teens are very keen and excited just like adults when it comes to modern items involving style and technology such as gadgets, fashion and beauty trends. With more and more employers hiring teens, they have also become the largest group buying products that are related to personal and professional well-being as well.

In Brazil, youngsters are inclined to show more interest in new technology compared to adults and this inclination has led them to become the highest users of computers and cell phones. They are also spending their time on social network websites such as Facebook and MySpace. This means they are bound to watch advertisements on various platforms that they are comfortable using. Their constant use of internet and technology and passion for styling materials have created great opportunities for advertisers as a result. Advertisers don’t have to come up with their own ideas for advertising, just use the social media and they are set for a lifetime. There are many great websites that are ready to go for these advertisers and all they have to do is attract this section of audience.

What also makes this audience interesting is the fact that they are hyper-connected as well as innovation savvy, a perfect combination for new business owners. This has led to teenagers using an enormous portion of their money for the things they are attracted to particularly technology. Research shows that more than 80% of Brazilian teenagers spent their income on cell phones, music systems and other electronic items gradually, while 76% were impulse buyers. Their consumerism has allowed e-commerce websites to target them in particular and making them the target of advertisements and discount offers. In addition, these e-commerce businesses are able to reach the audience quickly and efficiently.

About 40% of Brazilian teenagers use internet during school hours while 45% are still connected to it after school or on the move and 70% use it at home. The various locations that they use to access internet have various types of devices supporting the access, such as desktop computers, cell phones, GPS and tablets. Having compatible browsers for these devices is an integral part of advertisers’ success as well.

Claudio Loureiro is an advertising executive and a well-known entrepreneur from Brazil. He is the CEO and founder of Heads, the largest private advertising agency in Brazil. Claudio Loureiro has won many awards for his impeccable service in the advertisement world. He has produced films and shows as well.