How Beneful Has Changed Pet Owners’ Lives

Beneful has been a household name for nearly a decade now and continues to grow in its popularity because of the wholesome ingredients and affordable pricing that you can find in each bag. High-end dog food brands can be quite costly, but they often offer a range of wholesome ingredients that you simply cannot find in other cheaper quality brands. Sure, you might be able to save money by going with a cheaper brand, but this can be a major problem for those who are trying to give their dog something that is going to actually benefit their health. Your dog’s food is a whole lot more important to their health than you might think. Most people who go with Beneful are finding that the brand mimics many of the high-end brands out there, but it is a lot cheaper and is not going to break your budget in the process. Because of what Beneful can do for you and your dog, it is no surprise that a lot of pet owners are switching and having great success with the range of lines within the Beneful brand. You can choose wet food for dogs who need it or dry food that can be poured into their bowl each day. Going with a great food is easy when choosing Beneful because of the fact that they are available around the clock. If you have any questions or comments about their product, you will easily be able to contact them and get an answer within minutes. Recent articles have talked about the importance of feeding your dog a good food, but what these articles might not talk about is that good dog food is often pricey and doesn’t fit well into the majority of pet owners’ budgets. Beneful, on the other hand, is a wonderful fit and can be the perfect match for you and your beloved pet. Just pick up a bag in your local store and begin feeding it to them to see a massive difference in the way that they look and feel each day when they consume what’s in their bowl.

Healthy Innovations Are Changing The Dog Food Market

The Daily Herald published an interesting article covering the rising popularity of gourmet dog food because of innovative recipes and manufacturing regarding healthy food. The article opened up by introducing the reader to the CEO of a company known as Freshpet located in Pennsylvania. His name is Richard Thompson, and he has a clear dedication to the quality of the food he produces. He focuses on the freshest ingredients, passes on loading his food down with preservatives and he decreases shelf time to make sure the food is robust and fresh. His manufacturing chief even ate a slice of the food during a tour to demonstrate how delicious the food is. Smaller pet food companies like Freshpet have been changing the market, and consumers are getting behind the idea of their dogs eating like people. The healthy, organic foods being put on shelves are nearly twice the price of standard dog food so people are going to have to open up their wallets, and it appears they are more than happy to spend the money. The increase in competition from smaller companies has forced the bigger manufacturers to look into innovating the way they produce their food, and they have also gotten into the business of acquiring some of the smaller companies and putting their talent to work too. There have been efforts put forth to appeal to every type of dog owner. Diets foods have been especially popular, and there are even foods being put out by Purina for older dogs. Purina has been the most progressive in healthy food manufacturing by releasing the Beneful product line. Beneful brand dog food is a premium line from Purina dedicated to health and fresh ingredients. The products have become very popular with dog owners. Beneful has a broad line of products available for a variety of needs. It also contains the highest quality meats and grains. There are products for older dogs, dogs in need of a diet and there products for a variety of sizes and breeds. Beneful has been forging Purina’s path into the future of healthy dog food

What Is So Special About The Forefront Capital Income Trust?

Forefront Capital is run by the capable Brad Reifler, and his hedge fund is branching out to change the way normal Americans invest their money. Brad has worked with many certified investors over the years, but he sees the limitations in the current market. He has chosen to make a change to the way his company helps investors, and his new income trust is the best thing that could happen to many investors. This article explains how the income trust will help someone invest a small amount of money in a large hedge fund.

#1: Why Found The Income Trust?

Brad works with certified investors who much have an annual income of $250,000 a year or $1 million in net worth. The normal American does not make that much money, and the income trust is designed to help people spend small amounts of money on a large hedge fund. The hedge fund will invest in items that are profitable for small investors, and Brad will begin to accept small investments on the income trust immediately.

#2: Who May Invest?

Anyone may invest in the income trust at any time after contacting Forefront Capital. The Forefront Capital team will open an account for any investor, and associates for Forefront Capital will answer any questions that investors have. There are several ways that investors may make money with the income trust, and a phone call the Forefront Capital will resolve any issues that investors have.

#3: Why Is The Income Trust Important?

The income trust is a vehicle for people around the country who wish to invest without taking a massive risk. There are incredible risks that people will take, but they need not make such risks when they work with Forefront Capital. The income trust helps reduce the liability of every investor, and there are many investors who would inly invest because Forefront Capital helps make investment safe.

There are many Americans who are not ready to invest on the stock market, and they are afraid to lose quite a bit of money when they choose to invest. The new income trust will help anyone who wants to spend small amounts of money on the stock market, and there are several associates working in the Forefront offices who are available to answer questions. This new way of approaching the market makes Brad Reifler a visionary who is changing the way Americans invest. Follow Bradley on Twitter, to keep current with where his career is going from here.

Be Responsible: Buy Beneful Premium Dog Food

My dogs are important to my family because they are a part of my family. My kids grew up with the dogs, and they think of them like they would think of siblings, so I really go out of my way to look out for these dogs. I wanted to provide the most nutritious dog food that my money can buy. I did my research, and I decided to buy Beneful because they use the right ingredients. Beneful use natural ingredients, like real chicken, in their wet foods and dry foods. The dry food that Beneful makes comes in eight different kinds. They have blends that are specially designed for weight management. PurinaStore Beneful also makes a food for puppies, so no matter what age your dog is, you can find the right food to fit your dog’s lifestyle and provide the right nutrition for your dog. Beneful also makes wet food that is called Chopped Blends. It comes in a large variety of 20 different flavors. Your dog will thank you for buying something that tastes great, and it gives the dog a healthy diet that your can be proud of when you look into the dog’s deep eyes. Your dog will lead a more active life if you are responsible enough to buy healthy foods. We take our dogs on long walks to the park and back, so they need the energy from their foods. That is why I made the intelligent choice to buy a quality premium brand of dog food, and I think that every pet owner should be this responsible. Premium foods are made with high quality ingredients. This article I found from the Daily Herald talks about how the manufacturers have to pay more for the ingredients because they are making premium foods by using real ingredients. I was so excited to find this article that I just had to do my best to share it with other people. I would recommend that you read it and share it with people who care about their pets. It can be found by going to this link.

How To Succeed Financially With CCMP Capital

It has been said that if you don’t do what is right for a given time, you will achieve only mediocre results. In the investment market, it has become increasingly clear that financial planning needs utmost attention. You don’t have to look far for a service that you need. As a capital management firm for more than a few decades, CCMP Capital has been exposed to literally thousands of financial strategies, products, concepts and services, many of which have been the source of growing wealth. Most proved to be priceless and beneficial for financial health of individuals and corporations alike.

CCMP Capital was founded by Stephen “Steve” Murray on Linked In  in 1984 after he graduated from Boston College. He continued searching for a way to grow wealth of his clients through various ideas and planning during his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Stephen is also a well known philanthropist among his peers and colleagues. Stephen Murray introduced many strategies on Wall Street that are now implemented in this company in the form of appropriate financial products and services. They are simple to implement and easy to comprehend. His ideas actually worked so others had confidence that their nest egg would grow safely and it did. Steve was a pioneer in finance industry and was able to take his company to a great level.

CCMP Capital has come up with many proven financial vehicles that have given investors the peace of mind they seek and deserve. These products have been able to provide a solution to most of their financial challenges and crisis faced in a volatile market. Furthermore, all the services offered at Steve Murray CCMP Capital come with a great combination of advantages and guarantees as well. This will help investors grow their nest eggs, enjoy life’s luxury today while being financially safe. The advice and ideas that one can get at CCMP Capital cannot be obtained from other stockbrokers, CPAs, bankers, credit companies or financial advisers. This is why many of the clients of the company feel their chances of having a secure financial future is increasingly fat with CCMP Capital.

Areas that this company serve include but not limited to mergers, acquisitions, capital management, payroll, estate planning and underwriting. They have the right financial tool that are time-tested and proven wealth building aid for potential investors. All of the above services mentioned here are available in this company and more than a few thousands clients are already using it. In essence, investors don’t need any advanced skills or specialized knowledge to make sound financial decisions when it comes to investment. CCMP Capita is dedicated to implementing successful strategies and monitoring its clients financial growth.

The New Face Of Human Rights Advocacy Uses Pop Culture To Reach A Whole New Generation

Buzzfeed has called Thor Halvorssen the new face of human rights advocacy around the world. The 39-year-old film producer and advocate founded the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 after a lifetime of experience with human rights violations.

His father was falsely imprisoned in Venezuela in 1993. As a young man, Thor had to endure the thought of his father going through horrible conditions and receiving beatings at the hands of Venezuelan authorities. He watched as human rights groups such as Amnesty International and the International Society for Human Rights stepped in to secure his father’s freedom.

As a young man he began to organize protests against South Africa’s Apartheid in London. He continued his advocacy until his mother was shot during a 2004 political protest in New York City. Not long after, Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation, which has since secured the freedom of seven prisoners of conscience, submitted amicus briefs in major international human rights cases, published two books, and provided evidence to Truth Commissions. But perhaps it is his innovation in bringing human rights issues to a younger generation that has made him the new face of advocacy around the world.

Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation has swiftly and justly jumped on the opportunity to expose a dictator through pop culture. Nicki Minaj, the international rap superstar, played a concert in Angola. She was paid by a communications company called Unitel, owned and operated by the family of José Eduardo dos Santos; the President of Angola. This may seem like just a normal concert to you, but to Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation, it was an opportunity to shine a light on human rights violations.

In an open letter, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation laid out the facts about the President, a man who the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation for Human Rights calls a dictator. Thor Halvorseen accused José Eduardo dos Santos and his family of seizing complete control of the country through intimidation, harassment and violence. The letter states that the President harasses, kills or imprisons anyone who may get in his way, including politicians, protesters and journalists. His family’s wealth comes from abusing his own people and power, and Nicki Minaj has voluntarily participated in this regime by accepting money from Unitel. The letter has been quoted in pop culture publications and a whole new generation has been exposed to human rights advocacy. Follow Thor Halvorssen on Twitter to stay up to date!

Get Moving with Autism Rocks!

For those with autism, the world is often a loud, confusing, chaotic mess. Lights, sounds, and interactions leave many of those with autism afraid to step outside their homes. It’s can be a sad situation with both sides (those with autism and those without) wondering how best to interact with each other. This is where entrepreneur Sanjay Shah hopes to build a bridge.

When Shah’s youngest son was diagnosed with autism, Shah felt moved to take action. A retired trader and millionaire, Shah knew he had the financial and social resources to begin making strides towards finding a way to better interact with his child. While he has no desire to “fix” autism, he believes better, stronger research must be done regarding the causes behind autism. This is where Autism Rocks comes in.

Autism Rocks is a charity through which Sanjay Shah hopes to change the world, both for his son and those like him. The charity group mainly seeks donations through ticket sales to musical concerts. The first concert, an invite-only event for about 600 people, drew in £200,000 (nearly $300,000)! Shah doesn’t want to stop there, though. In order to reach as many people as possible, Shah has also set up a GoFundMe drive to help solicit donations for his charity.

Not wanting to leave avenues unexplored, Shah is also working to develop an album. This album ideally will have tracks donated by famous artists and can then be used to raise additional funds for Autism Rocks.

All funds raised by Autism Rocks, whether through ticket sales, GoFundMe, or otherwise, will be given to the Autism Research Trust. From there, the money will be divided amongst projects at the Autism Research Centre, where they work tirelessly to discover what causes autism, how to identify it early on, and how to best help those with autism.

Shah and his board of four colleagues make sure the money from Autism Rocks is funneled into the areas of research that need it the most. If you’re interested in supporting this important cause, please visit their GoFundMe page or check out Sanjay Shah’s Twitter page.

The Development of FreedomPop

Switching cellphone carriers can be a difficult process that is often a long process. Users who want to switch mobile carriers often do so due to bad customer service, the expensive cost, as well as the lack of 4G. Though it is often desired to change the mobile service, most people decide not to as it can be a massive pain to do so.

It is an intelligent decision to pick the optimal mobile carrier before deciding to switch once and for all. In addition to this, switching over to a new mobile carrier has now become easier on behalf of the Early Termination Fee. An early termination fee is purely determined on how much has been paid off of the contract. The cost of the early termination fee can range from a single bill to a pay to even an amount of hundreds of dollars.

What an early termination fee does is reimburses an individual for changing a mobile carrier while still a part of a different contract. Different mobile carriers have different reimbursement options that are right for different individuals. Some of these options offered include:

  • Verizon: This mobile carrier offers $300 in credit to pay off a prior phone bill
  • AT&T: This mobile carrier offers $300 in credit to pay off an existing phone bill
  • Sprint: This mobile pays off the entire phone payment for the old contract
  • T-Mobile: This mobile carrier pays off the old contract for the old phone bill

One of the best new mobile carriers to use when switching mobile carriers is FreedomPop. FreedomPop has become popular because it offers free services for a small sign up fee. The free services include a number of free texts, a number of free minutes, as well as offered free data. FreedomPop makes a profit from the small signup fee as well as other provided services.

FreedomPop is based in Los Angeles and has become a worldwide mobile carrier in just three years. With the help of several investors, FreedomPop has become the fastest growing mobile service in the world. Another advantage of joining this mobile carrier is that all the free unused services can carry over to the next month so that the services will not go to waste for the customer. Stephen Stokols, founder and CEO of FreedomPop has created the best mobile carrier to switch to.

Someone Is Cooking Gourmet Meals For Your Pet And It Isn’t Grandma

Buckle your seatbelt, everyone’s pet will be going shopping with their owners so they can pick their meals by sniffing the container in the refrigerated section of your local store. At the Freshpet facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a new line of pet food has recently launched, adding a touch of homemade taste to each meal. Although the meals aren’t cooked in Grandma’s kitchen, they say it tastes like Thanksgiving Dinner. The food is to be kept refrigerated and has a shelf life to be watched. The new slogan for pets is “Eat Like You Owner.” Strangely enough, Purina Beneful has been offering similar foods for a while. Purina has been making “Personalized Pet Food A Reality” for pet owners wanting to provide their pets that special “Grandma’s in the kitchen cooking” something special for their pets. Purina has an information gathering process to prepare special meals your pet will love. Just complete the nutritional information gathering questionnaire which includes data about your pet’s health, foods your pet likes, and the activities that your dog or cat enjoys. This information assists Purina Beneful in preparing specially blended meals for your pet. These meals contain the right amount of nutrition, a protein of both fish, chicken and beef combined with vegetables and vitamins. As soon as the mixture is prepared, it is shipped directly to your home. You can also set up automatic shipments to be sent on a regular basis so you are never caught without your pet’s favorite meal ready to be served. Log on to and begin preparing your pets unique blend. You will also find training tips and helpful information about your particular breed and other tools you can use to keep your pet smiling and in great shape. The scientists at Purina and their staff are always working to update the nutritional profiles that keep animals healthy, active and happy.

Help Majeed Ekbal Raise Money For The Nepal Earthquake Victims

Majeed Ekbal is a real estate investor in Chicago, Illinois who is deeply concerned with helping the recent earthquake victims in Nepal obtain food, shelter, and medial care in the wake of this tragedy. The damage caused by the two earthquakes in April and May of 2015 was extensive; More than 3,000 people were injured and at least 13 killed. Many more are still suffering with the aftermath of their injuries and are in need of a stable home and medical care in order to put their life back together.

In an effort to do this, Mr. Ekbal created a GoFundMe campaign in which he hopes to raise $10,000 which he will then add to a third party campaign on Crowdrise. The goal of the Crowdrise fund is to obtain one million dollars, of which over $230,000 has all ready been donated. As he has many friends there, the Nepal Earthquake Fund is near and dear to Mr. Ekbal’s heart. With an extensive history of involvment in real estate, even developing a niche market grocery delivery service in Chicago in 1991 before such things were mainstream, Majeed Ekbal realizes the importance of recognizing when there is a need in the community and is now extending that knowledge to helping organize an effort to ease the effects of the destruction.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

Any amount of money will greatly help the people of Nepal as they rebuild their lives. Even $10, less than what many people spend on an impromptu fast food meal or specialty coffee at a cafe, will provide many needed supplies and resources that allow the people of Nepal to obtain the medical treatment they need.

If you or your family, or even your colleagues are looking for a charity to donate to this holiday season, please consider donating to the Nepal Earthquake Fund.