Devco Turns a New Brunswick City Block into Something Special

New Brunswick’s The Heldrich hotel and conference center is a prime example of how a commercial real estate project can transform a city block. The Press of Atlantic City recently reported on The Heldrich’s debt struggles, an unfortunate yet common issue in urban revitalization.

When Public and Private Interests Merge

The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority loaned the Middlesex County Improvement Authority $20 million in 2005 to fund The Heldrich’s construction. As New Brunswick’s current hotel and conference epicenter, The Heldrich was developed by New Brunswick Development Corporation. The nonprofit corporation is commonly referred to as DEVCO and has developed many of the city’s most revered buildings and projects.

The missed payments are an example of the challenges private firms face when building public projects. Yet, DEVCO is pushing ahead and foresees their cash flow catching up. Perfect timing is the toughest trick to pull off on public projects. This sentiment is echoed by the company’s head, Chris Paladino, “CRDA will be paid, but it’s just going to take a couple more years.”

$30 million has already been repaid with interest to senior bondholders by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority. The hotel attracts 100,000 visitors a year for the city, pays over $1 million a year in taxes, and employs over 200 unionized workers.

An Urban Process

DEVCO defined how a city can be brought back to life. As with any living organism, the process is constant and involves multiple systems. Yet, the nonprofit has refined how to get it done and keep it going. Cities across the country look to DEVCO and their methods as a model for their own urban revitalization efforts.

The key is to assess the best parts of the public and private sectors and encourage them to work together. Founded in the 1970’s, DEVCO was at the forefront and a major player in New Brunswick’s revitalization and urban renaissance.

How George Soros got Ukraine back on her feet

When the oil industry collapsed, Ukraine was facing the prospect of an economic crisis, potentially worse than the 1930s. The situation was further aggravated by the arbitrary and haphazard way in which the Putin’s administration handled the issue. The business community suffered a rude shock after the oil crisis, the wanton destruction of property during the riots, when the economy collapsed.

The Role of George Soros
That said, George Soros Ukraine believed that by adopting a thorough economic recovery strategy, Russia would find a solution. Unfortunately, convincing the EU to provide adequate financial assistance to Ukraine was not easy. Soros outlined the basic elements of the strategic plan, citing the benefit of every intervention to the economy of Ukraine and Europe at large. Determined to prevent the economy from sliding into irrevocable depression, George Soros embarked on a radical policy that encouraged various global leaders to consider bailing out the country with a fiscal incentive aimed to get Ukraine back on her feet.

Reasons for skepticism
The European support could have a major impact in Ukraine but the EU was not willing to provide large-scale financial support to any country. George Soros attributed this stalemate to the Greek crisis, which prompted the European Union to be wary of intervening in Ukraine. Also, the Minsk agreement could have induced the European authorities to keep Ukraine on a financial leash until the Putin’s government established a semblance of stability that would create a friendly environment for investors.

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Reforming the Financial System
According to George Soros, the financial structures were in danger of disintegrating, turning such a financial crisis into an economic depression within the European nations. Considering the negative effects on the Euro, it was evident that the fate of Ukraine was consistent with every country in the EU. But instead of creating a level field for every player, the EU had favored the wealthy countries while neglecting the developing nations. While the developing countries such as Greece and Russia were subject to the statutes that the EU enforced, the developed countries were allowed to act as capitalists.

A Radical Energy Policy
The energy policy had the potential to play an innovative role in counteracting the imminent recession. Evidently, the average Ukrainian consumer cannot become a key player in the economy if the cost of oil and gas continued to rise. Allocating handsome incentives to the energy sector could also help to lower the running costs so that the small businesses not only survived but also thrived in the wake of such a crisis. This intervention could bring considerable change in the economic sector, especially in a country that is renowned for its stable energy supply.

Economic Recovery
The economic crisis led to all sorts of troubles such as the liquidation of public assets, and destruction of private property that escalated to catastrophic proportions. During the economic crisis, the national debt paralyzed the entire banking system, affecting the economy significantly. George Soros knew that such calamities needed to be avoided at all costs. By creating wealth to offset the debt, revitalizing the banks, and cancelling a sizable portion of the debt, Ukraine could take the initial steps toward financial bliss.

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Families Going Hungry Throughout Venezuela

Throughout Venezuela, citizens are protesting the harsh conditions and the unfair treatment of families. It has been widely reported on facebook that several Venezuelan families have succumb to the poverty, homelessness, and hunger that is sweeping the land. On last week, many of the citizens of the country staged a protest against unfair wages and hazardous living conditions. It is safe to say that most of the citizens of Venezuela have become fed up with the conditions being placed upon them. The citizens are demanding that their government provide adequate housing and food allowances for the majority of the people who are living in poverty in the country. Citizens are becoming restless as they watch their family, friends and loved ones suffer from disease and hunger. The protest that was staged recently was a demonstration to the government that the terrible conditions will not continue to be tolerated. Although Venezuela has been experiencing an economic crisis due to failed government systems and policies, expert Diaz Granados feel that the crisis could have been handled in a way that would ensure that the poverty levels did not become so grossly exaggerated. With more than half of the population experiencing hunger and poverty, Venezuelans are calling for a shift in the attitude of government officials. The protest marked one of several attempts to get the Venezuelan officials to become empathetic and compassionate to the needs of the citizens of the country who are experiencing difficulties. More information can be found here.

Madison Street Capital Reports Reveals Good Year Ahead; 2016

Madison Street Capital is the global leader in Investment banking institutions with specialties in financial solutions industry. The Firm hit headlines by unveiling their Fourth Edition M&E prospect and Hedge Fund report. The company declared in public in their report 42 hedge fund deals in 2015 making enormous growth from 32 deals that were made in 2014.The report prospects show many transactions in 2016 due to significant 27% increase in the last quarter of 2015 that were much higher than previous years.


The Report further unveils that, the hedge fund assets maintains higher performance averagely compared to regular performances across most of the relied strategies within hedge fund industries in 2015. Due to lagged performances in Hedge fund industry, Institutional investors are massively involved in looking for different ways of managing investment with expectations of receiving higher returns that will supplement the increasing liabilities. Smaller Hedge fund managers tend to go in-depth in finding alternative sources of capital making them work below the expected standards. The situation to these managers is worsened by both an increasing operational cost with an inverse decrease in fees, causing fund managers to seek alternative measures.


According to Madison Street Capital reports, many hedge fund deals closed in 2015 gives good prospects to 2015 with new structural strategies being developed to lodge both buyers and sellers. These new structured strategies include aligning transactions to become inception deals, PE and revenue-share stakes, and PE bolt-ons among others. Karl Points out that the Hedge fund industries are going to seek mergers so to be able to grasp more investors and opportunities.


Madison Street Capital is the worlds’ leading institution offering quality standards of reliability and service in advice-giving services in corporate finance, financial solutions, Mergers and acquisitions expertise, and providing consultation services to public and private-owned Companies. The Companies majors in Valuation for Financial Reporting, Portfolio Valuation, Debt clearance, and Company restructuring, providing solvency opinions. Additionally, Madison Street Capital has highly-skilled professionals who are committed to providing a broad range of solutions that gives clients ability to weigh in regards to Fairness and financial opinions in determining viable investment.


Besides service rendering, The Company also focuses on middle-markets buyouts in various industries with an aim of tapping into different markets that will result in closing of many business deals. The Company’s expertise meets their clientele base at the one-on-one session to ensure their challenges are meet with the right solutions.

Securus Making Video Visitation Best It’s Ever Been

If you are just hearing about Securus Technologies, you may not be alone, but the news from is that Securus has built a new technology to improve inmate communications across the board, making video visitation the best it’s ever been with THREADS 3.1, a new technology with an upgraded interface that takes care of all the worries an officer might have.

Visit:, to learn more about Securus.

This technology features guided analytics and other perks, including the ability to print and compose maps, and as explained by Linked In IT expert to have the ability to make analytical decisions based on “Big Data,” using some of the most up-to-date technology, featuring an HTML 5 base and plenty of speedy options to make navigating the interface even easier than it’s been in the past. Plus, there’s a free upgrade for existing customers. What more could you want?

Securus makes integration with the Secure Call Platform easier than ever, and this upgrade will make video visitation the best for both inmates and corrections officers. Securus has always been focused on connecting what matters, and anything they can do to serve their 3,500 officers and 1,200,000 inmates is an advance. They’ve created the biggest market in corrections and have owned it. So, get to know Securus Technologies.

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The Renaissance of Atlantic City

Atlantic City requires some much needed renovations and residential development in order to meet the rising needs of newly placed professionals seeking living space in the area. Based on a census taken in 2010,close to 14 percent of the cities population will be between the ages of 25 and 34. This means that not only will a large percentage of the population be young adults looking for work, but they will need to live somewhere modern and appealing to their tastes. Wassem Boraie, Vice President of Boraie Development based out of New Brunswich, infers that the area has not seen any level of development for over forty years of time.

Boraie Development is currently responsible for building new living spaces in the Atlantic City area. Led by Wasseem Boraie, the company was founded in 1986, employs close to fifty professional individuals and is primarily responsible for constructing industrial buildings and warehouses. The company has quickly formed a strong reputation for itself in the area and has increased its revenue steadily since its birth in the mid-80’s. This company continues to grow and is looking to assist the community around it for positive growth as well.

Boraie is currently working towards constructing a high rise on Rector Street which is set to include 169 units meant for living spaces in order to house job hungry millennials moving into the city. Alongside this project Wasseem Boraie and Boraie Development are also working towards other avenues to take advantage of the opportunity to promote growth in the city.

Atlantic City is currently seeing a state of renaissance, as the city is witnessing an increase in population growth not seen in decades. In order to help move this process forward, companies such as Boraie Development are providing livable spaces for these future workers of America in order to ensure a positive atmosphere for economic stability. In order for new professionals to work as strong as they possibly can they need to be able to live comfortably and in a state of cleanliness and modern style, and companies such as Boraie Development offers them those opportunities for success through their many hours of hard labor.

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Wealth Solutions: Richard Blair and his Dedication to Success

Managing one’s individual wealth can often be a task many will avoid due to the constraints and time they believe it will cost them. Being able to set aside money for future endeavors after retirement or for family obligations is essential to being able to enjoy times of financial freedom and help in times of need. At Wealth Solutions the customer is put first and their plans are put in motion to allow for a comforting experience without the hassle that is usually associated with the costs associated with life. Below we’ll take a deeper look into how Wealth Solutions plans for your future along with a little background of the founder of the company, Richard Blair.

The process at Wealth Solutions starts and ends with satisfying the customer’s needs. They offer solutions that range from financial planning tools to retirement management planning. The customer voices their needs as to how they want to invest their time and money and at what pace (conservative or risky) and then Wealth Solutions handles the rest. They diversify your portfolio based off of statistical analysis, extensive research, and other necessary invest tools to ensure your money is accumulating in a positive manner. They also offer comprehensive reports and around-the-clock assistance to ensure the results you desire. Their job is to make sure that you have everything you need by the time you are ready to retire or to protect your accumulated assets. Pursuing financial stability no longer has to be a scary task and they will carry you through the process every step of the way.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. The company gained existence in 1994 after Richard became educated in the field and was ready to take on the responsibilities that would soon follow. He found that creating a company like Wealth Solutions could really help people learn about their financial portfolios, how to invest and why it was important. He looks to instill the knowledge he gains into each customer to ensure that they can find a success story much like his. He is a founder that truly wants his customers to educate themselves in this field while making the right moves they need to ensure happiness throughout the course of life. Richard continues to educate himself in the field at a constant basis which allows for him and the company to operate at full strength at any given time.
With a dedicated support team and a company like Wealth Solutions, the customer can rest with ease knowing they are protected. Finding solutions to any problem or a course of action to any proposed idea allows for Wealth Solutions to stand toe to toe with diversity and a constant changing world. Wealth Solutions always has the consumer’s best interests in mind and their actions will prove to provide continued results.

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Stephen Murray and Investment Advice

When you think about an investment professional these days, there are a lot of different types of people. Investors come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and etc., and investors seem to be different as well. That being said, even though all investment professionals love and understand the markets in general, there are different objectives that they possess. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and here

Some are looking to grow funds exponentially and without worry about risk, while others are risk averse and would rather play the game to win in the long run.

Regardless of which type of risk tolerance any investment adviser has, however, it shouldn’t matter. Financial advisers should align their strategy to the interests and the comfort level of the investor and not the other way around.

One of the first individuals to tap into this concept in recent years was Stephen Murray of CCMP Capital. Not only did he have the knowledge to look ahead and see how confusing the markets were becoming, but he also knew that many people who simply didn’t have the numerical or financial understanding of markets would need assistance when it came time to plan for retirement.

Investing is one of those concepts where it pays to be right early and often. And, while you could always go the route of trying to do it all yourself, you certainly don’t want to be dealing with a problem when it comes time to retire. You also don’t want to put yourself behind the proverbial eight ball when you should be making up ground and getting ahead on your retirement instead.

Stephen Murray is absolutely the architect to CCMP Capital growth that has occurred in recent years simply because of long term planning. When you consider how far you can get ahead over the course of many years or even decades thanks to long term planning just with interest, then you can also translate that over to the world of investments with respect to capturing a few extra percentage points.

Regardless of how strong your knowledge of finance truly is, you should realize that even a little bit can yield significant results over a long time.

Stephen Murray was able to see that doing just enough wasn’t going to be enough.

By going the extra mile for his clients and accounts he was able to capture countless value and also instill those same concepts into those around him at the same time.

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Sanjay Shah’s Organization

As the father of an autistic child, Sanjay Shah understands the difficulty in being strong for children who have been diagnosed with illnesses. As a result, Sanjay Shah, owner and founder of Solo Capital, has started up an organization known as Autism Rocks for the purpose of furthering the research of autism. The goal of this initiative is not to cure autism, but rather understand the illness more. This will benefit but children and parents because it will give better suggestions on how interaction should would. Sanjay Shah does not want to change his young son, but rather wants to understand how his son processes information as well as to understand how to have the best relationship possible with his son.

Sanjay Shah wants to show the world that he is not only a premium businessman, but is also a loving father who wants to further the research on something that has affected millions around the world. Sanjay Shah’s success with Solo Capital, a brokerage firm in London, has provided him with enough money in order to fund this endeavor. Mr. Shah states that the best way to run a successful business is to make sure that the business incorporates something that is loved. With this particular company, Mr. Shah has incorporated his love for his family along with his love for music. In Mr. Shah’s eyes this is the only way that he was every able to run a successful business and to provide for his family.

Autism Rocks is another incorporation of Mr. Shah’s family. This organization was founded in 2014 under the premise to further the research of this disease that affects one in 68 children per year. Autism Rocks is specifically a chance to create awareness of this disorder through music. Mr. Shah has already hosted several festivals that have included top notch artists to perform for the purpose of funding money. Millions of parents around the world are thankful to Sanjay Shah for not only accepting his son despite his autism, but also for attempting to build an even stronger relationship by understanding his own thought process.


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Public perception of WEN Hair by Chaz has been guided by the marketing that the brand has done on their QVC infomercials, and everyone who needs a better product for their hair is going to find it when they try the shampoo. Bustle did a test that showed that the shampoo works, and they are going to provide everyone with thin hair a chance to change their hair for the better. The girl who did the test has the problematic thin hair that people have struggled with, and she showed that the shampoo works.
The test was a basic test of what happens when people are going to use the shampoo. The girl doing the test took the shampoo through its paces, and she made sure that she showed how someone would use it if they were using it for the first time. She shows mow much it takes to use the shampoo, and she shows how it lathers when people are using it the right way. Everyone who wants to use the shampoo to handle their thin hair, and that is not any more possible than when they try Wen by Chaz.

Wen hair by Chaz is going to help people who need a better way of washing their hair, and it is going to provide people with the help that they need to get the best look for their hair. Thin hair will stop shedding, and the people that were having the hardest time will no longer feel like they are wasting their time. There will not be a clump of hair in the shower, and there will be a lot of people who are going to make the switch. The test proves that this is one of the most important shampoo products on the Amazon online market, and it shows that anyone can tame their hair.

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