Plastic Surgery On The Breasts Can Be Performed By Dr. Jennifer Walden

A lady’s breasts are something that many feel are her crowning glory, and those that have the unfortunate luck of having to have their breasts removed may feel like they’ve lost a piece of themselves. Women may have to have their breasts removed if they have cancer or if cancer is a high possibility. Those who have their breasts removed must then have a plastic surgeon go in and give them breast implants, and these breasts can help them look like they have normal breasts again. Not just any plastic surgeon can do breast implants because some cosmetic surgeons do not do this type of surgery.

Many have heard about surgeries that have been botched, and this is when a plastic surgery goes wrong. Those who have had bad plastic surgery on their breast area may end up with breasts that are misshapen, over or undersized, lopsided breasts, and some end up with breasts that are fused together to look like one large breast. There have been many scary stories about bad cosmetic surgeries being performed, and a lot of times it’s because the plastic surgeon isn’t very knowledgeable about the surgery that they are performing, or it can be because the plastic surgeon just didn’t carry out the surgery to the best of their ability.

There are few things worse than having a botched plastic surgery, but this is highly unlikely when going to a good beauty surgeon like Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Jennifer Walden has performed many breast reconstructions as well as implants, and she even has information on her website that talks about how the breast surgeries are performed. Those who are curious about getting implants into their breasts or surgery on the breasts should go to Dr. Jennifer Walden’s website to learn exactly how the procedures are performed and what to expect from it.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an excellent surgeon when it comes to doing any kind of breast surgeries, and she does many other surgeries as well. Dr. Jennifer Walden is not just a plastic surgeon for women, but she also does many different surgeries for men as well. It’s difficult to find a good plastic surgeon, especially a plastic surgeon that is knowledgeable in many areas of plastic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden has many skills and knows several kinds of plastic surgery, so she can accommodate many people who want various types of surgeries performed.

Dogs Need Love and Care Too

As any pet owner would know, dogs also need a lot of care and love. If a dog is neglected, then he will die. Dogs need a lot of love and care. For this reason, it is not good for a person to seek to buy a dog unless he is certain that he is going to care for the dog. For one thing, if the owner is going through something that is taking a lot of his emotional energy to the point that he is going to be unavailable, then he should address that before trying to take a dog into his care. In order to exercise proper dog care, the owner is going to have to feed the dog right. This would mean not just going for the cheapest product on Target that he could find. For one thing, if the owner just gives the dog the bare minimum, then the dog is not going to be very healthy. Just like humans, dogs need high quality foods. They need nutrition. They also need great taste and texture so that the dog can enjoy the food that it eats. One thing that dogs often like to eat is any food that resembles the food that humans eat. Fortunately, there are companies that sell foods just like that. This company is called Purina. Walmart sell Beneful dog food. They have a lot of flavors that dogs will enjoy. They can be found in many stores. One store to buy them at is any pet store. This is so that people could find a wide variety of Beneful dog foods from Purina. Also, while the dog might have a favorite meal, it is good to have a variety of food for the dog so that he could get all of the nutrients that he needs. Dog care is very important for pet owners. The more the pet owner cares for his dog, the better the relationship will; be and the better the life of the dog is going to be. When a dog is loved, he will more likely be healthy and free of illness.

Doe Deere Leads LimeCrime To Success

The cosmetics industry has recently been undergoing something of a revolution as more and more people look to develop their own makeup for either personal or business purposes. Across the internet the chance to study videos and details of makeup creation are readily available, and are accompanied by a growing number of stores selling the basics of makeup development at low prices. One of the success stories of the cosmetics revolution featuring independent producers has been the growth of the LimeCrime brand under the leadership of founder and CEO, Doe Deere.

Deere has been developing her own style and the LimeCrime brand for a number of years, following the completion of her fashion based studies in New York. The multicultural atmosphere of New York and her own family history in Russia have influenced the creative side of Doe Deere’s business life, but her own determination to use technology to develop LimeCrime has also proven a success. LimeCrime has always had its base in the use of technology to bring individual fashion pieces to the public, which began with Deere creating unique fashion pieces and selling them through online marketplaces.

The development of the fashion line under the LimeCrime name led to Deere taking a stronger interest in the marketing of her work. Doe Deere’s determination to take control of the many different aspects of marketing LimeCrime products led to her seeking cosmetics that would suit the images she wished to create. No suitable cosmetics products were available that suited Deere’s own personal sense of style and the marketing purposes needed for the development of the LimeCrime brand. This led to Doe Deere creating her own cosmetics in a cruelty free environment, which would eventually lead to the shift in focus towards cosmetics that took place in the products created by LimeCrime.

Doe Deere on her new LimeCrime product:

There were many options available to Doe Deere when she began marketing her own LimeCrime brand and looking to make her mark on the world of cosmetics. Technology has always played an important role in the development of the company and her own personal brand, which Doe Deere has crafted carefully using social media and Internet based blogs that provide a personal link to her followers. The use of her own voice has allowed a personal link to develop that creates a feeling that the individual customer can create a similar style to Deere. The use of technology and social media has become a major tool in the marketing of LimeCrime and shown how a grassroots approach to advertising products can rival the expensive campaigns developed by major established cosmetics producers.

Make The Right Dog Food Choice By Purchasing Beneful

It’s easy to go online on Youtube and see dogs do some amazing things that makes one wonder how it’s possible for the dog to do something so awesome. There’s a dog online that skateboards, another dog can do flips and tricks, and other dogs may even be able to howl to music. Every dog has a hidden talent that may not come out of them unless their owner helps to bring it out. All of the dogs that are online displaying their talents are able to do so because they have incredible energy levels, but how have these dogs become so energetic? The bottom line to getting a dog up and going each day as well as keeping them filled with energy is feeding them good food. Good food doesn’t mean taking leftovers from dinner and scraping it into the dog bowl; it means buying a specified food made just for dogs. Pet owners may be skeptical about buying certain dog foods, but it’s not necessarily the dog food manufacturer that matters, but what’s put inside of the dog food. All dog foods are supposed to have its ingredients labeled on the side of the bag, and this is where one should start looking to see how good the food is. Although there are many dog foods out there, not every dog food is something that should be purchased for a dog. Those who are skeptical about buying dog food from certain companies can make the choice to buy Beneful, who has a proven track record of making good food. The tasty food that Beneful makes have been a staple in many dogs‘ diets, and millions of dogs have enjoyed Beneful foods for many years. Beneful is a creation of Purina PetCare, which is a line of pet care products that include dog food. Those looking for some of the healthiest food to give their dog will want to choose Beneful, and there are several varieties to choose from too. A pet owner can choose Beneful in a bowl, which is wet dog food, or they can choose bags of Beneful Dry Dog Food, which is just as good. Beneful dog food will help a dog to have all the energy they need as well as the good tasting food that they crave. Dogs who aim to be great and maybe even end up on TV or a viral video will do well to eat Beneful.

Save Big Money With FreedomPop’s Motorola E

FreedomPop has done it again. They have found another way to pass the savings on to consumers. They already offer a free plan of 200 calling minutes, 200 text messages and 200 MB of data to consumers for literally nothing. That’s right. They actually have a free phone and data service that is available in the United States and the United Kingdom. It will surely be available elsewhere as the company grows in its scope. The newest addition to their fantastic arsenal of savings for consumers is their offering of the Motorola E in its 2nd Generation, reconditioned form for $49.99 and a plan that comes with it.

This purchase would allow consumers to have a phone to connect to the network, and a pretty good phone at that. The phone usually costs around $249.99. It is preowned, but it will work to it’s best possible use because it has been checked by the teams at FreedomPop to ensure that it is in its best condition. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure that customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase. This sounds pretty sweet. Then, they top it all off with an additional savings and promotion.

In addition to the phone, people who purchase the Motorola E with get a one month free trial for Itunes’ FreedomPop’s service. This free trial is of the premium service. The premium service include free talk that is unlimited and free texting that is unlimited. This plan comes with 1 GB of data instead of the regular 500 MB of data.

This is a company that people are really excited about. In fact, it was reported on Android Authority, and that page in its entirety can be viewed here. The company is seriously growing in popularity. They have just recently decided to open up their services to residents in the UK. They currently offer international calling to at least 50 countries outside of the US. They are growing in proportion because of the great savings they are able to pass on to consumers. Who doesn’t want to save big money?

Achievements of Shaygan Kheradpir in Business and Telecommunication Industry

Technology has significantly transformed the Business world. Organizations are embracing current technology, and using it effectively to achieve their core objectives. Those business institutions using outdated IT are forced out of market soon after starting their operations. Business and Information Technology interdepend on one another. Their alignment co-exists in a way that, when integrated, they outline mission, strategy and goals of a business organization. Organizations must outlook technology as a changing mechanism. It discovers more sources of revenues and invents new methods of production. In addition, it makes communication between business and its clients efficient and traceable. For technology to work efficiently and effectively, business must employ highly trained and experienced personnel. These professionals should be in a position to integrate different entities to produce excellent results.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a prominent a business and technology Executive. He has over 28 years of executive experience in both technology and telecommunication fields. He was born in London but grew up in Iran. Later, he received his school education in Aiglon College in Switzerland. He graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in electrical Engineering. He later received his masters, and a doctorate degree in the same university. Kheradpir is the current CEO of Coriant Management team. In 2004, he became the CEO of Juniper Networks, which is one of the leading companies in networking industry in Silicon Valley. Mr. Kheradpir possesses expert knowledge and has professional experience in telecommunication and automobile operations.

In 2000, he joined GTE Corporation, which later merged with Bell Atlantic, and changed its name to Verizon. At GTE Corporation, he served as the Chief Technology Officer, and this marked a breakthrough in his career started. Among his achievements while at Verizon company was the development of new products like Verizon One Iobi. He was assisted by his team of about 7,000 IT system supporters. Kheradpir leadership tenure in Verizon saw the reduction of the company’s technology expenditure with about 30 percent. This was after negotiation with the technology vendors, and outsourcing of technology. Since he was success oriented, he fully devoted himself in providing the best leadership. He was also in a position to learn knew production methods and techniques.

Later in 2014, Barclays bank offered him a job opportunity as the chief operations and technology officer for global retail banks. One of his contributions in Barclays Bank is the development of Pingit mobile software, a customer product. Within a short duration, he was promoted to become the Chief operations and Technology officer. This promotion made him leave a legacy as he was the first technology executive to be appointed to the executive team in Barclays.

Kheradpir left Barclays Bank and joined Juniper Networks in early 2014, and acted as the new CEO of the company. In Juniper Networks, Mr. Kheradpir led the launching of Integrated Operating Plan IOP. IOP was established with the core aim of reducing expenditure and rising dividends. Later on, he then joined Coriant Team of Management in early 2015. Subsequently, on 28th September, he took over from Pat DiPietro, and he is the current CEO of the company. Throughout his career, Shaygan Kheradpir has made immense contributions in the field of Technology and business. His experience and professional knowledge in telecommunication and business has led to discovery of new ways of handling customers and investors.

How to Write Great Wikipedia Articles

When making a Wikipedia page, layout is very important. Great articles need to start with proper introductions, then continued with a structure that is clear, and conclude with references that are standard – related articles and references.

Introductory material

Good articles ought to start with a short lead section that introduces the topic to hire Wikipedia writers. This lead section should appear above first header. Adding something such as – introduction – is usually not important. At times, the initial section following the lead comprise of a broad summary about the topic referred to as an ‘overview’, although structures and section titles that are more specific are preferred.


Paragraphs ought to be short enough to be fathomable, but long enough to mature an idea. Excessively long paragraphs need to be divided on condition that the cousin paragraphs maintains the idea focused. Paragraphs that are single-sentenced are unusually emphatic and need to be used sparingly. It is advisable to shsun from using such kind of paragraphs. Certain types of paragraphs are actually lists or tables in disguise. Such paragraphs should be rewritten in prose form.


The headings help in clarifying the articles and form a structure displayed in table of contents. Heading are hierarchical – start with level one heading then subheadings, sub subheadings, and so forth. If to keep extensive subtopics on a single page or move them to the next is based on a personal choice.


Excessively long articles need to be avoided. The standard size of prose should be less than 50KB. Supposing articles exceed this level, they should be broken into bits that will enhance readability and make editing easier. When you have a long article with many sub-articles, try balancing the main page. Avoid putting undue weight into a single part of an article at the expense of other parts.

Information style and tone

The tone should always be formal. The standards for a formal tone may seem to vary based on the subject matter. However, it should be based on the style used by sources that are reliable, while maintaining clarity and understandability.

The articles should not be written from a personal or second person perspective. The first and second person pronouns ought to be ordinarily used only in accredited direct quotations that are relevant to the article’s subject.

Get Your Wiki

Supposing you need your article to be created or edited, our veteran Wikipedia editors are here to help you. Each Wikipedia page will be supported by sourced reference that are reliable, well formatted and will adhere to manual of style provided by Wikipedia. We guarantee approval of the page and if it is taken down you will get a refund.

Susan McGalla Builds a Marketing Road Map

Susan McGalla become one of the business leaders in the world today that open many doors for women. She is a retail branding genius that has been able to turn a lot of stores around when they were on the brink of failure. She is someone that has been able to redefine what it means for women to be successful in the industry today. I have been watching her over the years, and I really admire what she has been able to do for women. I think that her role as a branding leader has totally redefined how women approach the business world. Some people are interested in starting a career in marketing will need to consider the career of Susan McGalla.

What Susan McGalla has done on bizjournals is give all of us a road map for women like me that are interested in discovering the path to penetrating the world of marketing. I believe that her time in different positions has allowed her to build a history that gives her a great perspective. Marketing can be a real hit or miss game. McGalla had to help American Eagle reintroduce itself to the world of consumers. This is a company that managed to rebuild specifically because there were people that were interested in her vision.

I would like to get to that level in life where I can truly become a visionary with opinions that are respected in the business world. I would like to become a leader that knows the right path to take for a company. This is what I think that Susan McGalla has been able to do. She has shown that she is knowledgeable in a certain areas, and she has maximized this opportunity. McGalla has been able to help companies realize with the advertising and brand loyalty come together. McGalla has the ability to sort out the things that can cause a company to excel or fail. This is what has made McGalla one of the most valuable resources in the corporate industry today.

Most people just believe that Susan McGalla is able to change the course of whatever business she is in. There is a lot of talk about how she motivates in conferences. She is the expert that others gain insight from. I have seen her on YouTube, and I think that her philosophies on brand building are very important. She has become a person that has been able to totally revamp the business model for companies that are not thriving. What she has shown lately is that she can totally recharge the organization through cutting costs and building a different road to success.

Bruce Levenson’s Interests in Business

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington DC. He went to Washington University and graduated from the American University’s Law School. He started his journalism career while studying for the bar. His wife is Karen, and they have three sons.

Atlanta Hawks

This basketball team is owned collectively by Bruce Levenson and other businesspeople. Levenson and Ed Peskowitz are majority partners. In late 2014 Levenson decided to sell his share of Atlanta Hawks through an investment company. The latest rumors suggested that the ownership of Atlanta Hawks was shifting to an investment fund manager and his group. Antony Ressler, Jesse Itzler and Grant Hill constitute the Ressler group. Others in the group include Itzler’s wife, Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, Clayton Dubilier & Rice, Rick Schnall and Steven Starker, BTIG co-founder. This group would not only buy from Levenson but also from Michael Gearon Jr and others.

Sale of Atlanta Hawks

In September last year, Levenson declared his intention to sell his shares. Later in January Michael Gearon Jr, a partner in Atlanta Hawks, announced he would also sell his share. April 10th was the deadline set for receiving final bids for the basketball team. It had been speculated that two leading groups had emerged as finalists: Grizzlies and another group led by Mark Rachesky. Goldman Sachs had been hired by Hawks along with Inner Circle Sports to handle the sale of the team.

Later, Antony Ressler agreed to buy Atlanta Hawks at approximately $850 million. The sale was financed by assuming some of the team’s debt and by cash payments. Although the team was valued at $425 million by Forbes in 2014, NBA’s television deals contributed to the rise in the value of all franchises. Sources intimated that the new ownership group included Steve Koonin and Mike Budenholzer, CEO and team coach respectively, in its long term plans.

United Communications Group

In 1977 Levenson together with Ed Peskowitz founded UCG. This group was operating from Levenson’s apartment near Gaithersburg, Maryland. The group published a newsletter that focuses on the oil business. Later UCG launched databases like the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS). UCG, in diversifying its services, also provides analysis for healthcare, technology mortgage banking and telecommunications. GasBuddy is another of UCG’s initiatives. This is a mobile system that helps drivers locate low gas prices in their vicinity.


Levenson has not been left behind in giving back to the community. He actively contributes to philanthropic organizations like Hoop Dreams Foundation among others. In his determination to help those in the low-income bracket, he served as ‘I Have a Dream Foundation’s’ President in Washington DC. This foundation helps those from low-income families to continue their education.

Levenson is passionate about peace in Israel and has for long contributed to the course by supporting Seeds of Peace, Jewish Federation, Birthright Israel and BBYO, a Jewish- American movement for the youth, among others. His contribution to the U.S Holocaust Museum helps in the dissemination of knowledge about the Holocaust and the lessons to be learned.

Skout Is Offered In Most Countries Around The World

Leading online dating company Skout is consistently selected as one of the top ten dating platforms in the world. Throughout the years, Julie Spira who is the author of two best-selling cyber-romance books (The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online, The Rules of Netiquette: How to Mind Your Digital Manners), works with her exceptional team to curate a list of the most successful mobile courting applications on the market. Remarkably, Yahoo generates a similar list by accessing the queries from their search engine. In 2015, the company posted the results on

With roughly ten years of professional and impressive experiences, Christian Wiklund is uniquely qualified to manage Skout’s operations. Since 2007, he has successfully served as the company’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer during which he is frequently presented with the opportunity to promote innovative features to individuals around the world. Essentially, this renowned corporation acts as a dating liaison by supplying their users with flirty tools that connect members with prospective romantic partners. These proprietary services include “Shake to Chat,” “Skout Travel,” and a nightlife application (Nixter). Users may also enjoy traditional online features such as sharing everyday pictures, commenting on existing posts, and chatting with interesting members. Currently, Skout on techcrunch has an online presence in roughly 180 countries and, as a result, the corporation has recently obtained an impressive database of over 10 million members. In order to cater to the needs of these consumers, this unprecedented mobile application is offered in 14 languages. Prospective members may download Skout from Google Play or the iTunes App Store as the application is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

Before embarking on his admirable and profound business pursuit, Wiklund earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering and Business Administration from Chalmers University of Technology and Goteborg University, respectively. In 2004, he received a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology. Immediately after he graduated from this prestigious institution, he served as a Project Manager at Chalmers Teknologkonsulter AB for one year. Following this short employment, he was hired by VMware Inc. for an Engineering Intern position in 2005. Within months, he was promoted to Development Process Analyst where he was responsible for improving internal business processes.

Throughout his early career, Wiklund generated a remarkable portfolio of tangible experiences that provided him with the necessary knowledge to propel Skout. Some of these noteworthy skill sets are related to project management/strategy, leadership, venture capital, mobile applications/devices, e-commerce, business development, enterprise software, requirements analysis, social networking, and strategic partnerships. By employing many of these effective business strategies, Skout generated roughly 500 million connections in 2013.

Alongside his profound entrepreneurship, Wiklund is a distinguished member of many prominent groups including Dealmaker Media, Mobile Start-ups, and SoMa Central. Remarkably, he attributes some of his great success to many influential leaders including Stephen Balkam, Brain Wong, Dylan Tweney, Ben Horowitz, Laura Arrrillage-Andreessen, and Tomasz Tunguz.